The children

Since it was founded in 2008, the orphanage has been home to 17 children aged between 3 and 15 years old. “Children of Tomorrow" aims to provide the children with a school education, care and everything that they need to lead successful and independent lives in the future.

“Children of Tomorrow" would like to take in more children. One recent arrival was a little girl, aged three and a half, who declared after just two days that she never wanted to leave. She told the priest who accompanied her that it was alright for him to go away again because she liked it here very much. Her brother, one year older, had been badly neglected following the sudden death of his mother, and was very severely malnourished. “Children of Tomorrow" was initially hesitant to accommodate him due to its limited financial resources. When the priest brought him to the home a second time the boy could be given medical treatment and started speaking and walking again two days later.

(Better images of the orphans are coming soon)

What the orphans need

Material donations

Donations, which are not directly required for the orphanage, we will send to Nigeria and sell them there for the benefit of the orphanage: TV sets, computers, clothes, etc.

Financial donations

Monetary donations will be 100% in the orphanage and are used for food, infrastructure and the development of the children.

Volunteer work

Would you like to help us with fundraising activities or events, or travel even once to Nigeria? Help us!