Christmas letter 2020
  • 10/23/2020
  • On our own behalf

Christmas letter 2020

Report on the "Children of Tomorrow" project

Dear friends of the project

Unfortunately, we are forced to cancel this year's benefit party on November 21, 2020 due to the increasing number of corona infections. It is the first time in eleven years, let's hope it will be the last time.

Boniface is now trying to get the next possible flight back from Nigeria to Zurich, after the airport in Lagos was completely closed from April to the end of September and now the flights of Air France are constantly being postponed and cancelled.

The advantage of this somewhat crazy year is that Boniface was able to stay on site in Lagos and Enugu for so long and could take care of the store in Lagos and the orphanage and farm in Enugu intensively. He has brought the fish, pig and turkey farm up to scratch.

In order for him to be able to use his time in Nigeria in a meaningful way, we walled up the land which we later want to use for the project "old people's and orphanage". Now it is secured and protected so that we can grow plantains and keep goats there for the time being. Boni managed to do this in a very short time, which would otherwise have taken months. The costs were so much lower, but it still cost us SFR 10,000, which we still have to pay back.

Fortunately, all orphans and employees are well and happy. School life in Nigeria was also at a standstill for months and the markets would also be partially closed due to corona measures. Fortunately, the infection rates there remained low.

Unfortunately the school fees had to be paid and all other costs remained the same. Of course, we had some financial losses here, because the income from the markets and the neighborhood celebrations broke away.

More than ever, we are dependent on any support. We are dependent on regular financial support, our reserves are totally used up. This month we are in the red for the first time in a long time.

Nevertheless, we have taken two little boys, Felix and Michael, aged 3 and 5 years, into the home. They are not orphans, but their father had an accident 5 years ago and has been paraplegic and confined to bed. And the mother is blind. So they are not able to take care of the children and are so grateful that they know that they are well looked after and protected by us. We also support the parents with the most necessary things every month.

The total expenses (including care, food and accommodation, school fees, transportation, clothes and medical care) amount to 250.-sFr. for one child in one month. With 20 children, this adds up to 5000.- per month. The regular monthly donations are currently about 3000.-. Therefore, please ask your friends and acquaintances to join in and make a monthly payment of 20 or 50 francs. Or maybe you know a company or an institution that you can arrange.

We wish you a contemplative pre-Christmas period and stay healthy.

Boniface, Esther and Ellin

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